The success of smallholder farming is one of the surest ways to relieve poverty in coffee growing communities and if local smallholder coffee farmers are to survive and prosper in a global free market against efficient, well-supported, and increasingly mechanized agri-businesses, The Coffee Heritage Project acknowledges that they can do so only on the basis of producing exceptional coffee quality.

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The Coffee Heritage Project aims coffee consumers to affiliate their local coffee experience with warm, good feelings, and memories. We tell stories of coffee origins, the communities, and the people behind every cup coffee. In the process, we hope to make connections between coffee consumers and our local coffee heritage, and how coffee might come to have new social meaning to people.

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Coffee is more than just a commodity but, a part of our cultural identity. The Coffee Heritage Project acknowledges the important role that (our) coffee plays in conserving and protecting cultural identity. In some ways, coffee defines our culture because after all, we are what we drink! 

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passion for COFFEE.

What is single-origin coffee?

Most premium brands of roasted coffee sold in the mainstream market is blended -usually only specialty coffee retailers and roasters offer single-origin coffees that is, exclusively from individual origins.


Supporting Smallholder Crop

Coffee Heritage Project believes that the success of smallholder farming is one of the surest ways to relieve poverty in coffee growing communities.


What it means to pick coffee by hand.

At some Coffee Heritage Project’s origin, each ripe coffee berry is picked by hand. Handpicking is necessary since the steep mountain side makes it virtually impossible to mechanize coffee harvesting.


The Coffee Heritage Project grew out from our passion for coffee and a desire to highlight the great work of coffee farmers producing their heritage coffees.


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