Our Story

The Coffee Heritage Project grew out from our passion for coffee and a desire to highlight the great work of coffee farmers producing their heritage coffees. We take a quality-focused approach to coffee growing. This includes working in remote coffee farms and talking with growers give us a greater understanding of the unique local conditions and microclimates, the challenges of year to year changes in rainfall, season, and weather, and how these can influence the coffee bean flavor and production. Coffee Heritage Project supports naturally grown and naturally processed, handpicked and hand-sorted practices in coffee. The Coffee Heritage Project is committed to letting consumers know more about our project communities’ coffee beans and how they are grown. In this way, consumers appreciate the value of the coffees and the people growing it.

Our initiative

Smallholder coffee farmers in the developing world have limited or no access to finance. Banks are reluctant to lend to farmers who are without significant collateral while, informal lenders charge crippling interest rates, and governmental assistance or charitable aid are limited or have many limitations. It is in this context that Coffee Heritage Project tries to fill the financing gap with its own initiatives. Coffee Heritage Project supports local coffee growers with much needed on-farm investment and technical assistance. Coffee Heritage Project has strong developmental goals, and believes that dealing directly with smallholder farmers is the best way to deliver on its mission.

A new approach to coffee farming

Coffee Heritage Project acknowledges that coffee farmers are and have always been the backbone and greatest asset of the Philippine coffee industry, and therefore - they must be part of its future. It is from this premise that Coffee Heritage Project departs from the traditional “top-down” approach and is leading a shift towards a knowledge-intensive way of coffee farming through “participatory” approaches to help coffee farmers adjust to the new realities of the industry.  Problems in coffee growing communities are not just technical, but have social, economic, environmental, and other dimensions as well. Thus, Coffee Heritage Project works closely with coffee farmers to fully understand their problems and to try out potential solutions at an early stage, then sharing this knowledge with other coffee growers.

Coffee Heritage Project aims to make a positive difference for all those to whom coffee is a way of life.

Board of Advisors

Rich Watanabe

Executive Director

Dr. Malou Edano

Head Consultant for Farm Technicals

Ana Oliquino-Abasolo

Resident Soil Scientist

Fernando Papio


Butch Acop


Jose Ma. F. Bartolome

Head Consultant for Social Psychology

Wang Li Duan


Vito Hernandez

Heritage Specialist

Rina Papio

Microorganism Tech Specialist

Nancy Samonte

Consultant Documentalist

Peter Damary

Head Consultant for Geographical Indications

Jerome San Juan

Special Projects Head

George Salinas


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