Cultural Identity & Coffee: We are What We Drink!

For our Coffee Heritage Project team, coffee is more than just a commodity but, a part of our cultural identity which we commit to sustain.

Rich Watanabe
June 3, 2019

Cultural identity Coffee Heritage Project sites and in many parts of the world is threatened by corporate domination of coffee. The situation is largely a result of globalization and where the local market’s exposure to foreign corporate coffee goods are influencing changes in local cultures, values, and traditions. We already see some countries, like Italy, raising cultural debates against the entry of corporate coffee chains into their market. The latter having gained a reputation for harming local coffee shops and driving smaller chains out of business, and along with it – losing in part a region’s unique cultural identity. There are concerns as well that the domination of corporate coffee chains are displacing local smallholder coffee farmers who have traditionally earned a living by selling their goods locally.  

At Coffee Heritage Project, we acknowledge the important role that (our) coffee plays in preserving cultural identity. In some ways, coffee defines our culture because after all, we are what we drink!

Taking on this sense of responsibility upon us, Coffee Heritage Project continuously focus on the manner in which customers enjoy our coffee, including everything from how our beans are grown, harvested, processed, roasted, and to who prepares, and serves it.

Coffee Heritage Project aims for coffee consumers to affiliate their experience with warm, good feelings, and memories. Coffee Heritage Project tells stories of its coffee origin, the communities, and the people who farm the coffees. In the process, we hope to make connections between coffee consumers and our local coffee heritage, and how coffee might come to have new social meaning to people.

Coffee enthusiasts can help us sustain our unique cultural identity with every support they make on Coffee Heritage Project activities!

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