FEATURE: AVPA-Paris launches the 1st International Contest of Chocolates Processed at Origin 2021

AVPA, Agency for Agricultural Product Valuation, is a non-profit non-governmental organization, primarily composed of producers and passionate about taste.

Philippe Juglar
March 19, 2021

Coffee Heritage Project is delighted to share AVPA PARIS launch of the 1st International Contest of Chocolates Processed at Origin AVPA-PARIS 2021!

Who can Participate?

4 Product Types Selected for the Contest:

•Black Chocolate in bars with 65% cocoa minimum

This chocolate must contain a percentage of 65% or more cocoa content (total weight cocoa, cocoa butter or cocoa powder possibly added). Not any additives, emulsifiers or added aromas may be added. In total, it can only contain cocoa or cocoa derivatives (cocoa, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, mucilage, cocoa bean flakes) without any other type of ingredient, except sugar which is allowed.

• Fancy Chocolates

These chocolates can be black, white or milk, its shape may vary (square, round, rectangle, other) but it must be solid (not stuffed). It may have added ingredients such as milk powder, aromas, fruits, spices, etc.

•Chocolate Candies or "stuffed" chocolate bars

These chocolates have a more or less creamy center, coated in a layer of dark, white or milk chocolate. They may have added ingredients such as milk powder, aromas, fruits, spices, etc.

•Cocoa Derived products

These products are made from cocoa beans and can be tested directly. They can be toasted, caramelized, etc. They can have added ingredients such as milk powder, cocoa, aromas, fruits, spices, etc.

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Philippe Juglar

— in Paris, France.

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