FEATURE: The 8th AVPA International "Coffees Roasted at Origin" Competition takes place in Paris

AVPA, Agency for Agricultural Product Valuation, is a non-profit non-governmental organization, primarily composed of producers and passionate about taste.

Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Product
October 11, 2022

Coffee Heritage Project invites all local coffee producers and coffee roasters..

The AVPA contest became an important place among exceptional coffee producers who achieve excellence by becoming processors and tasters of their own crops as they do, for example, French winemakers, producers of Italian vegetable oil, or Chinese tea producers. Coffees that come from exceptional lands are roasted with love and passion in their countries of origin, whether in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Uganda, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, Togo, or Vietnam, ...

Again, this year, the jury of the 8th AVPA International AVPA Competition of the “Toasted Cafés al Origin” will meet in Paris, in November, to taste them using an already proven and internationally recognized methodology.

We look forward to seeing you all continue to demonstrate the continuous improvement and exceptional level of roasted coffees at origin!

Check out this video from AVPA to know more!

For more information, feel free to visit: www.avpa.fr

Article courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/ongAVPA

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